The Gaffair series was developed when pros asked for the same advantages of our elliptical balloon lights in a silent, helium-free package that works well in smaller areas. The units are very light and deploy in minutes, easy to move, and strike. They are glare-free, with a very low UV output to protect your actors, and the only light signature is a single round shape, just like the moon or sun. Units are available as a 400 Watt portable HMI and the 1,200 Watt HMI. Also available with a Sodium Vapor harness, and they are ARRI plug compatible for use with any ballast on set.


Size: 1.6 meters round

CTO, stops available


Daylight: 1.2K Watts

Mounts on 2K stand


Size: 0.9 meters round


Daylight: 400 Watts

Hand held


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