Flex Lights

Airstar Flex lights are a new and unique way to bring balloon light to production without the high cost of  helium and operator. This is one of the most flexible lights available producing 360 degrees of soft balloon light that is easily flagged.  Flex-L mounts directly to 2" piping or on to a 2K stand. Flex can withstand most any environment and keep working. Will operate in places and weather when other balloon lights can't. Flex balloon lights will operate on the Russian Arm or any moving vehicle.

Available with HMI, Tungsten, Sodium and Metal Halide or any combination of these. Most combinations can be changed on the fly.



Size: 4.5 x 3 feet cylindrical

Easily flagged

Collapsible frame

Tungsten: 4K Watts.

HMI: 1.2K up to 4.8K Watts

Sodium: 4K Watts

Metal Halide: 4K Watts

Hybrid: any of the above.



Size: 4 x 1.5 feet cylindrical

Easily flagged

Collapsible frame

Tungsten: 1K or 2K Watts.

HMI: 1.2K or 1.8K Watts

Sodium: 1K Watts

Metal Halide: 1K Watts



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