Spheres/ Elliptical

The Original Balloon Light.  

The first Airstars were our Spheres, which quickly became the most sought after 360° fill light in the industry as a result of the phenomenal diffusion achieved with the round shape. To meet the challenges of large open areas, the round shape evolved into the CX Series an elliptical shape for greater manageability in windy conditions. As demand for our reflector tops increased, the CX evolved in to the Ellipse, which is even more wind resistant, and emits larger light output using the same power. Round, CX, and Elliptical shapes are available from 5ft up to 33ft in diameter. 3200° K spheres range from 2k to over 20k watts, 5600° K units are available from 2.4k to 32k, and Hybrid units are available in a variety of combinations such as Halogen with HMI, and Mercury or Sodium with either Halogen or HMI.


Sizes: 2 x 2.6 meters elliptical or 2.5 x 3.5 meters

Skirts avaliable

Helium: 1 Lg cylinder or Air filled

Daylight: 2.4K and 3.6K Watts

Tungsten: 4K and 6K Watts

Hybrid any HMI and tungsten combination


Size: 3.7 meters elliptical

Skirts available

Helium: 5 Lg cylinders or Air filled

Daylight: 4.8K and 7.2K Watts

Tungsten: 10K, 12K Watts

Hybrid: Any Sodium, Metal Halide, HMI and tungsten combination




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