Airstar Film Lights are the finest balloon lights available in the world. Founded in 1994, Airstar is the inventor and manufacturer of the highest quality fill-lights available, and is THE CHOICE for filmmakers around the world. In 2003, The Academy Of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences awarded Airstar with a Technical Achievement Award for the development of “helium-filled balloons with internal arrangements for Tungsten, HMI, Sodium and Metal Halide light sources, are usable indoors or out, quick to set up, require essentially no rigging and provide a soft light that can cover a very large area.” While our competitors have tried to copy everything from our balloon designs to our electrical components, they cannot match the true standard of quality that makes an Airstar… an Airstar. With offices in 35 countries and major cities around the world, we are ready to supply your production with the finest fill-lights available. WORLDWIDE

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