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Airstar is the leading manufacturer of film, event, and safety lighting. Driven by an ongoing taste for innovation, Airstar offers a top-of-the-range lighting solution to light any situation and are recognised for the Sirocco (dedicated to Safety lighting), the Crystal or the Neo [link] to light up any event, and helium or air-filled lighting balloons (Sphere, Tube and Pad [links]), which are appreciated on all film shoots, whether for cinema, video or television.

Airstar Canada is part of the Airstar International group. The group, founded in 1994, has 22 offices in 13 countries, one production site in France, and about 70 distributors around the world. William F.White International Inc.(WFW), a Sunbelt Rentals company, is proud to be the sole distributor for Airstar products in Canada since 2020.


Founded in 1963, WFW is Canada's largest and most iconic provider of production equipment and studios in the entertainment industry. With offices across the country, WFW services productions of all sizes from coast to coast and houses an extensive state-of-the-art inventory including camera, lighting, grip, specialty equipment, location support, and over 1.55 million square feet of production-ready studio properties.

Since opening its doors nearly 60 years ago, WFW has expanded its services and extended its reach exponentially. In 2019, Sunbelt Rentals acquired WFW, not only supporting our journey of international growth to support our clients on both local and global productions, but also to supplement our offering with a broad range of inventory for an equally diverse range of projects.

With the addition of Airstar in 2020, and backed by the power of Sunbelt Rentals, we are able to light up any area to support your production, event, construction site, safety or rescue crews. For more information, visit


Sunbelt Rentals helps professionals and do-it-yourselfers get things done. With a highly diversified offering of equipment, solutions, and services available, we help you complete projects on-time, and handle times of crisis. No matter what the industry, we are constantly advancing the idea of what an equipment company can do for its customers. To find out what we can do for you in North America, visit

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