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Airstar Canada is part of the Airstar International group of companies that is in more than 100 countries around the globe. Airstar International was founded in 1994 and was the inventor of the balloon style light, with Airstar Canada opening in 2003.

Airstar manufacturers unique lighting and decor products used around the world.

Airstar Canada is the Exclusive Canadian Distributor for Airstar Event lighting and Decor solutions, as well as Industrial lighting applications, Safety & Rescue. Airstar provides balloon lighting to the Cinema, TV & Photography productions.

Event Lighting and Decor


Airstar Event and Decor lights are available in many colours, sizes and shapes to light and decor almost any event. Airstar colourfully lights and adds unique decor for Weddings, branding for Trade Shows and Corporate events.

Our attention to service and detail has made us an Event leader. Many Decor and Event companies rely on Airstar to bring their events that extra creativity and excitement. With a wide range of services to choose from, you're sure to find exactly what you're looking for! 

Industrial and Safety Lighting


Industrial balloon lights offers aid to public safety agencies with search and rescue as well as Forensic Identification services and Traffic Reconstruction with a 360 degree soft light. These lights are available in many sizes and configurations to suit the job at hand. Airstar Industrial Balloon lights are currently in use across Canada in many police services. Most using the Sirocco line of lights as they deploy in just minutes with one person, are light weight and portable while still providing a significant amount of light. These lights are an extremely efficient use of power and many can be run from inverters or small generators.

Airstar Industrial lights are used on paving machines to Tower lights, all providing a safe comfortable work environment that does not glare or blind workers or traffic even in the harshest weather in northern Canada.

Film and TV Balloon Lighting


Airstar introduced the film and TV industry to the balloon light and has won an Acadamy Award for technicial achievement. 

Cinema Balloon Lighting provides a very soft, non glare light that floats over the scenes for the Film/ TV industry. Many are helium filled soft light balloons with a variety of shapes to suit the job at hand and many levels of power and colour temperatures. Balloons are quick to deploy and easily placed.

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